Musicians, Artists, Vendors, Hosts, and Healing Modalities

Tonic Dayton is looking for artists to share on site at our sober lounge on Thursdays.  We’ve had amazing Collaborators share Already!

If you are interested in displaying your art to sell, coming in to do live art, vending handmade items, host the event, provide a healing modality or anything creative you may have to share with our group, contact us at


Alex Bogard

Alex Bogard shares his life experiences through music.

His songs are deeply personal and reflect some of the struggles and trauma he has faced.

He brings a sense of humor around serious issues.


Gregory Bogard is from Dayton, Ohio who made a covenant with his heart, when it speaks- he will listen, trust, and follow.

Gregory just released an EP that is available on Spotify and iTunes.

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Eden Foster

Eden sets the tone at our events by opening with her healing crystal bowls, resonating  healing vibrations through the evening.

She is a vibrant energy of love and laughter and she also leads meditations near the end of the evening for the group.


Katie's work is expressed directly from the heart.  You can find her not only displaying art by creating it at our events.


Marielle encourages eco-friendly activism, community connection, and spiritual deepening. Her art is reflection of her values as she paints on cardboard.


Joshua Hayward

Joshua Hayward. As a Master Teacher of the Mysteries, has recognized a deep need to pass down the gems of wisdom he has collected throughout the years. Astrology, Tarot, and Meditation are among the spiritual languages and energetic technologies that Joshua imparts to his students.


Melissa draws inspiration from nature, mythology, dreams and magic.


Shana is sharing her connection and knowledge with cocoa which is believed to have significant health benefits.


Robb and MaryEllen

10000Atoms started a mixed media studio 5 years ago. For the last 30 years MaryEllen has been working in fibers and Robb has been integrating his science background into sculptors. Their love of sci-fi rom coms keeps them nerdy and working in found objects they've scavenged about the country side to find.

Functional design for gathering spaces that highlights wonder.


April Angel has been a passionate dream interpreter since 2015 and believes life is profoundly meaningful and everyone has a unique purpose. Through dream interpretation she is able to identify what the soul of the dreamer has pinpointed as their most difficult blocks (usually put in place as a coping mechanism to early wounds) and how to correct this with the guidance offered from the dreamers own Higher Self. She uses a combination of channeling, teaching, intuitive counseling and universal dream symbols to give dreamers the important messages their soul is sending them about their life purpose, spiritual gifts, health, relationships, career, and more. Visit if you would like more information about what she offers.


Dan Loofboro E-RYT 500, “Yoga Dan” studied at Method Yoga, Real Human Performance, The Veterans Yoga Project and Mindful Yoga Therapy. Dan has several yoga for trauma certifications. Dan has been practicing yoga for 11 years. Yoga and meditation was instrumental in his recovery from losing his wife tragically to mental illness and prescription drug addiction. Having gone from darkness to light, Dan has a strong passion and is on a mission to help others suffering with the proven techniques that helped him.


Glenda Miles as she brings her trunk of ancestor art she has copies of fascinating found photos, vintage paperie, and art supplies to make your own quickie mini collage story.

Using vintage papers, an ancestor photo, artist grade stencils and embossing powders to create magical textured halos.


Emily spent most of her childhood exploring and playing in the woods of Ohio, lakes of New York, and the shores of Sanibel Island Florida. One of her favorite things to do was catch and care for Eastern Red Spotted Newts while on vacation in the Catskill Mountains. Emily is inspired by children's sense of wonder, curiosity, and play, and she's all about keeping that spark alive.  She loves to share her curiosity and enthusiasm for the natural world with people of all ages and has worked extensively with children for over ten years. 


Taft Marsh

Taft is a plant lover, percussionist, and traveler. He has studied botany and plant design.


funk fusion jam band


Nichole Mix is an independent artist, writer and truth seeker from Cincinnati Ohio, who finds strength and in expressing life through art and beauty. Her mission is to create art and write from her heart, in service to Spirit and the world. She believes that creativity and expression are essential for creating harmony and peace in the world. She says her faith is what keeps her going and that writing and art are ways to stay in touch with God's love. She especially believes writing is a tool for growth & self awareness.


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